A front-end plugin suite for Beaver Builder pros.

We’ve baked years of design agency experience into a trio of UX-focused tools for BB and WordPress.

Leverage complex pre-built layouts, sequence smooth animations, and implement elegant typography in minutes.

SoulSections: A SuperModule for Beaver Builder

Build professional sites with a library of consistently designed components.

Building a clean, responsive layout in a few seconds with SoulSections.

Skip the multi-module chaos and build clean, cohesive layouts with pieces carefully designed to work together.

If you find yourself spending hours arranging and negotiating dozens of modules, each with different settings and styles, SoulSections can help. Its capable presets simplify and accelerate your workflow, while making it easier for clients and collaborators to take part in the editing process.

SoulSections Video Tutorials.

Filterable Custom Post Grids with SoulSections

Show your work in style. SoulSections allows you to drag and drop a sortable, responsive posts grid without breaking a sweat.

Responsive Modal Dialogs (Popups) with SoulSections

SoulSections makes it easy to turn any module into its own lightbox popup. It’s an ideal design for mobile navigation, contact forms, or any other content that you need to quickly show on request.

Building a Four-Page Website with SoulSections

If you just need a conventional, responsive 4-pager (Home, About, Services, Contact), we’ve got several templates that you can use to build the whole structure, navigation included, in less than an hour.

Professional WordPress Animation with SoulMagic

Sequence amazing animations, without writing a line of JavaScript.

Apply jaw-dropping animations with a few simple SoulMagic Timeline selections.

If your sites need pop, give 'em pop.

Make static layouts come alive with SoulMagic’s professional-grade animation controls. Customize your own pixel-perfect effects by multi-selecting properties and parameters, and respond to user scroll behaviors, element hovers, modal reveals, and carousel changes.

SoulMagic Video Tutorials.

Animated Carousels with SoulSections + SoulMagic

Save some vertical real estate and display multiple offerings in style. Start with a completed carousel and edit content and imagery with ease.

Basic Hover Effects with SoulMagic

Add some flavor to your content interactions with SoulMagic hover effects. A nice touch for post grids and portfolios.

Basic Entry Effects with SoulMagic

Make your site content rise to meet your visitors. SoulMagic makes it easy to get started with smooth entry effects that’ll raise some eyebrows.

Professional WordPress Typography with SoulType

Beautiful, responsive typography, ready in no time.

Building a clean, responsive layout in a few seconds with SoulSections.

Typography is a discipline, and there’s so much to consider when it comes to making a site read well and look professional.

From tasteful typeface pairings, to mobile sizing and rhythmic scales, to margins, measure, and everything in between, we’ve applied our nerdiest best practices to SoulType’s presets, allowing you to instantly improve your site’s branding, hierarchy, and readability on all devices.

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